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The ICs are great!  Sort of the same effect as when I tried the Audio magic Stealth
- quieter background, firmer bass, less grainy highs, more immediate & richer
midrange, more relaxed sound overall - and that was on CDs.  Very, very nice.  

Flavio L.   Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Well,finally got my brother to try the cables.
He has removed his Cardas Golden Ref speaker wire .
Fantastic , like Mikey says ,I'll take 'em .

Peter D.   Canada
I grow more impressed with the speaker wire each day. Extremely revealing,
treble is superb, as is dynamics. There is no particular frequency that is
exaggerated. Piano is particularly good. Very-good to excellent soundstage depth
and width. Very impressive.

Dennis W.    Vancouver, B.C. Canada
I do believe they could kick some high $$$ cables right in the BALLS!!

Gary P. Chicago, IL
Everything I listened to last night was so clear, detailed & natural. It's as if the top
end picked up more upper frequency, and delicacy. Plus added clarity across the
entire range too.
Thanks again- this has been the biggest difference I've heard yet in any cable I've

Chris N.   Rock Hill, MO
I was using the Mapleshade Excalibor PLUS interconnects and a double run of
Nordost Super Flatwire.  The Reality Cables blew away the Mapleshade
Excalibor and the Nordost.
When I put the Reality Cables' wires into my system, my listening life changed for
the better.  I mean, I now hear more of the music.  I hear the air in the recording
venue, and more of the decay of the instruments.  The music is much more life
like.  The imaging is rock solid and has good depth.  Each instrument is more
focused and detailed, but nothing is more prominent than anything else.  Just
real life like music.

Steve W.     New Jersey
Product Testimonials
Only a few of the many Testimonials that we have received
Reality Cables now has a
        Power Cord
After many years we have finally
developed a power cord that can
proudly carry the
Reality Cables
name on it.
Reality Cables over the years has
come to symbolize some of the
best sounding cables that money
can buy regardless of cost for a
reasonable price.
We have compared this cord to
many others and feel that it will
compete with other cords costing
many times its price.
We have found that a good
number of power cords can sound
really good powering your amp but
if you put the same cord in your cd
player or preamp it could sound
less than desirable. We feel that
our cord sounds great with almost
all equipment.
Reality Cables now has a
Speakon cable for subwoofers
Following in the tradition or our
world class speaker cables we
have developed a Speakon
cable for Rel Acoustics and MJ
Acoustics subwoofers
I wanted you to know that I have been an audiophile for 35 years and after trying
a myriad of speaker cables (started off with Polk Audio Sound Cables in the
70's) - I prefer your cables hands down.  Last year, I purchased a pair of your
speaker cables and really liked them…but another audiophile suggested that I
try Morrow cables.  I did, and they didn't come close to the sound quality of your
cables.  I learned my lesson… I'm now and will be a loyal Reality Cables

Martin R.     Michigan

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