:: FAQ ::
- How do your cables differ in sound as compared to other "recommended cables"?
The most immediate sound differentiation our cables have is the ability to preserve
the space in the sound stage quite a bit better than other cable designs. The
preservation of space and sound field cues requires the cable design to pass
through the absolute smallest details. This is where most other cable designs fail
and ours shine (in our opinion of course). Our cable also is very coherent and
balanced from top to bottom with no emphasis or filtering of any of the frequency
registers. In terms of dynamics, we have yet to hear another cable design that
exceeds the Reality Cable line. It's all about getting the wire "out of the way" and
this is what our cable does much better than most designs.
- Are your cables cryo-treated?
Yes, we cryo-treat every cable in a unique double immersion process that we
developed through extensive listen tests. We actually determined 7 years ago that
cryo-treating cables was a significant improvement.
- What is the "proprietary secret copper material" that you use in your cable
We call it "secret" for a reason. All that we will say is that it is much better than your
typical "six-nines" or "single crystal" types of copper. It also is superior sounding to
any silver wire conductors that we investigated too. This is one of our many secrets
and we don't plan on letting the "cat out of the bag" any time soon. Sorry.
- Why don't your cables use connectors like WBT for instance?
The entire cable is taken into account to produce the clearest signal path from one
end to the other. In our quest to develop the most real sounding cable, we found
that the connectors played a big part in how much information the wire would
Unfortunately, we found that most of the big name connectors hindered our cable's
absolute performance capabilities. In the end, we had our own proprietary ends
custom made based solely on how they sound (not how they look). We are able to
offer WBT's, Eichmen Bullet Plug's, Cardas's etc.,  though if you prefer that type of
connector we will not guarantee that the cable will be nearly as good as our current
design. Those are the connectors that most other high end cable companies use.
We are also offering Vampire's oxygen free copper connectors which we feel (after
cryo freezing) are the best money can buy.
- Why haven't you submitted your cables to a magazine like Absolute Sound or
Magazine like Stereophile and Absolute Sound require you to advertise with them
for about 6 months before they review your products. The monies that would be
required to spend on advertising for a future review would substantially increase
the cost of our cables. We felt that by offering a 20 day money back guarantee and
allowing you to listen to the cables yourself, that you could hear what our cables
can do in
YOUR system and not a reviewers system.
- How much break in time do your cables need?
Our cables are mostly broken in when you receive them. We use a proprietary
break in technique on the RCA and XLR balanced interconnects. When you receive
them they will already have 120 hours of our proprietary break in. The speaker
cables uses a different type of proprietary break in technique and will have over 60
hours on them. All cables will require about 48 hours of time on your system to
become fully acclimated to your system . Very few other cable manufactures that
we know of do any type of break in on their cables.  This is one of the reasons that
our cables out perform other high end cables regardless of cost.  
- How does your 20 day money back guarantee work?
We offer a 20 day money back guarantee on 3 foot and 6 foot interconnects.  We
also offer the same 20 day money back guarantee on 8, 12 and 16 foot speaker
cables. Less shipping.

Note: Money back guarantee only applies with standard spade lugs and no
sleeving. We will provide a money back guarantee with bananas or other types of
spade lugs but there will be a $50.00 re-termination fee. We will give you a money
back guarantee on cables  with sleeving but will not credit the cost of the sleeving.
- Why do you not put sleeving over your cables?
In listening tests we determined that the black or colored sleeving that other cables
manufactures use degrades the sound of the our cables. We heard a collapsing of
the soundstage as compared to no sleeving at all. Also, by not using the sleeving it
helps us keep the cost down so that we can provide you with reference caliber
cables at near entry level pricing. We will put sleeving on if you ask. Our feeling is
that the cotton sleeving does the least amount of damage to the sound. We only
recommend the black sleeving if you require it for cosmetic reasons.
- Do you prefer spade lugs or banana plugs?
For the best sound we prefer spades lugs. When designing our speaker cables we
did numerous listening tests with different brands of spade lugs and banana plugs.
We discovered that with speakers and amplifiers that use a 5 way binding post the
worst sounding spades still sounded better than the best sounding banana plug.
We then listened to speakers like Magnapans that use a banana connection. In that
case where you cannot use a spade lug, the banana plugs are the best sounding
for that application. We do realize that banana plugs are much easier to connect but
if you want the best sound our cables can provide the spade lugs that we selected
for our speaker cables are the best way to go.